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Tater's page



Dad:  "Yam"


Mom:  "Indy"  (RIP we miss you!)

URO1 U-GRCH CH Gingery's Independence SPOT-ON


Tater is a CHINESE CRESTED, born on June 6, 2014. 


Cresteds come in two varieties, hairless and powderpuff.

The Hairless have coat only on their heads (Crest), feet (socks) and tail (plume).  Tater's dad Yam is a hairless.


Powderpuffs are completely covered in hair.  Tater is a puff, and so was his mom, Indy.  

The Kennel name Gingery's comes from Arlene Butterklee, Ronkonkoma NY, who has been involved with the breed for almost 30 years!


We are proud to have Tater as our PurpleDogShop mascot!

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Farmdog 11-2019.jpg


2021 Accomplishments

May 1-2  MMBC CPE Agility: 6/10 Qs (we did some training in the ring!)  Getting closer to his CT-ATCH!

March 18  Started Scentwork classes!


2020 Accomplishments

Nov  ICE Got Talent Level 1 Trick title

July 14  DMWYD Novice Trick Dog title

April 23 Backyard Championships VAT1 (Virtual Agility Title Level 1)

Jan 19  ICE Canine Fitness Certificate - Level 1


2019 Accomplishments

Dec 19  ICE Ninja Dog Challenge:  Earned his International Canine Ninja Ultimate title!!

Nov 26  ICE Ninja Dog Challenge: Earned his International Canine Ninja Master title!!  

Nov 8-10  CPE Agility: 6/10 Qs and finished the complete CTL3 title! 

Oct 24-27  Gateway UKC Shows/Agility:  BOB for TOTAL DOG award!  Group 4 in Total Dog Conf.  10/12 Qs

     earning his UACH title with a perfect 200!

Oct 19-20  IABCA Shows:  BEST IN SHOW Bred by Exhibitor, RESERVE BEST IN SHOW Bred by Exhibitor, 

     Earned the Honors CH and Honors CH Bronze titles!

Oct 13-14  CPE Agility

Sept 25  Dog Parkour UK:  Earned his DPUK-BECL1 title! (Dog Parkour Foundation Level 1 - Built Environment)

Sept 21-22  UKC Shows/Agility

Sept 14  ICE Ninja Dog Challenge:  Earned the International Canine Ninja ICN Level 1 title!

Sept 6-8  UKC Shows

Aug 23-25  CPE Agility

July 26-28  CPE Agility Trials. Earned his CTL3-S title!

July 13  AKC Earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and TKN (Novice Trick Dog) Titles!

June 28-30  RPKC UKC Shows

May 27  CPE Agility

April 20-21  UKC Shows/Agility

April 13-14 IABCA Shows.  Earned both the Int/Nat CH titles!

Mar 30-31 UKC Shows

Mar 2-3  MMBC Weight Pulls.  Earned his AP (Advanced Puller) Title!

Feb 23-24  CPE Agility Trials  Earned his CTL2-R title!

Jan 11-13  CPE Agility Trials.  Earned his CTL3-F title!

2018 Accomplishments

UKC TOP 10  Tater finished 2018 #3!

Oct 19-20  TCDTC UKC Agility:  6/8 Qs including a perfect 200! 2nd, 3rd and two 4th places.  16 pts toward his UACH!

Sept 22-23  NLAEDA UKC shows/UGSDA agility: 4x BOB with a Group 2.

     7/8 Qs including two 199s and two perfect 200s!!  36 pts towards his UACH!  Two more Total Dog Awards!

Aug 11-12  KCFC AKC shows:  Select both days, now at 4 pts toward AKC GrCH. 

June 29-July 1  RPKC UKC shows: 3x BOB, 2x Group1, Group 2... and a BEST IN SHOW!!

     MMBC Weight Pulls: Pulled 197lbs and 137lbs for 15 pts towards his UWPCH title!

     Passed the SPOT-ON Social Pet Obedience Title - Outstanding!

     Earned 2 more TOTAL DOG awards!

May 19-20  TCDTC UKC Agility:  AG1 2 Qs, AG2 3 Qs.  2pts toward AG3 title!

April 21-22  NLAEDA UKC shows/UGSDA agility:  4x BOB, 2x Group 1, Group 3, and RESERVE BEST IN SHOW! 

     Three Qs and earned the UAGII title with two more TOTAL DOG awards!

April 7  AKC Agility Course Test:  earned the ACT2 title  

Jan 12-14  CPE Agility:  6/10 Qs and earned the CTL2-G title

2017 Accomplishments

UKC TOP 10  Tater finished 2017 tied for 7th!

Nov 10,12 CPE Agility:  Three more Qs!

Sept 24  UGSDA UKC Agility:  Earned the UAGI title

Sept 16-17  CPE Agility: Six more Qs and earned the CTL2-F title

July 28-29 CPE Agility:  More Qs and more titles earned! CTL1-S and CTL2-H

May 13-14 CPE Agility:  Enthusiast Level 7/8 Qs and earned 3 titles!  CTL1-R,H,F!  GREAT weekend!

April 29-30 CPE Agility: Qs in Snooker, Standard, FullHouse.  Earned the CL1-S title!

April 22-23 NLAEDA UKC shows/UGSDA agility: 3x BOB, 2x Group 3, Q in AG1 for a TOTAL DOG award!

Mar 25-26 CPE Agility: Qs in Snooker and Colors. 

Feb 24-25 CPE Agility: Qs in Wildcard, Jumpers and Colors.  Earned the CL1-H title!

Jan 15  CPE Agility: Qs in Colors, Jumpers and FullHouse.  Earned the CL1-F title!

2016 Accomplishments


UKC TOP 10  Tater finished out the year tied for 7th, with his dad Yam at #9!

Sept 18 CPE Agility: First agility Q!  Colors run with 0 faults!

July 31  AKC Agility Course Test:  earned the ACT1 title 

July 1-3  MMBC UKC Weight Pulls: pulled 114 lbs three times for his UWP title! He also passed the SPOT test!

July 1-3  RPKC UKC shows: 3x BOB, Group 1, Group 3 and along with weight pull, earned 2 TOTAL DOG awards!

April 23-24 NLAEDA UKC shows/rally trials: BOB, Group 1, earned the URO1 rally title and his first TOTAL DOG award!

2015 Accomplishments

UKC TOP 10  Our own little Tater Tot finished out the year in the #1 spot!

Oct 3-4  WCKC AKC shows: First weekend out as a Special! Select; BOB and his first GRCH point!

Sept 19-20  NLAEDA UKC shows:  3x BOB; Group 3

Aug 9 KCKC AKC shows:  WD/BOW for another major... New AKC CHAMPION!!

June 27-28 RPKC UKC shows: AMAZING weekend!!  a BEST IN SHOW and a RESERVE BEST IN SHOW! 

     3x BOB; 3x Group 1; 3 legs towards his GrCH title and 6 more Top 10 points!

June 18-20  ACKC and CMKC AKC shows:  2x BOW for both his majors!;  3x WD;  RWD

     Group 1 Bred-By Exhibitor!!

June 6-7  LMKC AKC shows:  WD/BOS;  RWD

May 23-24  KCKC AKC shows:  WD/BOW;  RWD

April 18-19 NLAEDA UKC shows:  4x Best of Breed;  Group 1;  Group 2;  Group 3; RESERVE BEST IN SHOW!!! 

     New UKC CHAMPION plus 6 Top 10 points!

Mar 28-29  UGSDA UKC shows:  4x Best of Breed;  2x Group 1;  2x Group 4 

Jan 3 LOLKC AKC show:  RWD


2014 Accomplishments


Dec 13-14 GCKC AKC shows:  RWD;  WD for his first AKC point!

Nov 8-9  UKC shows:  Three times BEST IN SHOW Puppy!!

Oct 12  IABCA shows:  BEST IN SHOW Puppy, BEST IN SHOW Bred-by Puppy; earned his Nat'l and Int'l Baby CHs



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