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EspanaSILK Price List

Regular Protein Shampoo, Waterless Shampoo


4000 ml (135.28 ozs)   57.99

Liter (33.82 ozs)          23.99

1/2 Liter (16.92 ozs)     14.99

125 ml (4.23 ozs)           7.99


Regular Protein Conditioner, Detangler/Full Body Sheen Spray


4000 ml (135.28 ozs)   59.99

Liter (33.82 ozs)          24.99

1/2 Liter (16.92 ozs)     15.99

125 ml (4.23 ozs)          7.99


Antiseptic Healing Conditioner, Antiseptic Healing Shampoo,

Antiseptic Healing Topical Spray, Brightening Shampoo, Fly Spray


4000 ml (135.28 ozs)   61.99

Liter (33.82 ozs)          25.99

1/2 Liter (16.92 ozs)     16.99

125 ml (4.23 ozs)           7.99


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