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Welcome to the PurpleDog Shop!


Why did it get started?  WELL... several years ago at a dog show in Rochester, MN, there was a very nice lady named Trudy, with a card table set up, selling her new grooming products, called EspanaSILK.


At the time I was showing my hairless Chinese Crested, Toby, who was having a bit of a breakout on his skin.


Trudy handed me a couple small samples of EspanaSILK Antiseptic Healing Shampoo and Conditioner, telling me to try it out that night, then come back the next day and let her know how it worked.


I was quite skeptical, but it was an all natural, safe product, so why not try it?


The next day I went back to the show, amazed at the difference it made with just ONE try... and have been using it ever since!!


Fast forward to late 2014, when i approached Trudy about becoming an official corporate representative, of this wonderful product I have not only been using, but recommending to everyone ever since! 


And here we are!


Although EspanaSILK products are the main attraction here... I hope to add other things along the way! 


If you have any suggestions, let me know.  Otherwise... stay tuned!

Thanks!!  -Dana

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"love love love the detangler!!! did I mention LOVE!!!!!!!!! I use it on my curly out of control hair. and my (Chinese Crested) puff looks gorgeous"


Angie B, WA

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